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Wiltshire has the highest concentration of Crop Circles in the World    

During the Summer crop circles in amazingly complex and intricate patterns appear overnight in the Wessex countryside. Debate rages as to whether they are hoaxes or created by aliens. Suggestions linking them to energy lines that circle the earth or to ancient pagan sites have been put forward. Or are they the creation of fakers who use planks and rope to create these geometric patterns; if so why has no-one ever seen them in spite of extensive surveillance!

Wiltshire Crop Circle Season

Each summer the greatest and most tangible unexplained phenomenon of our time is played out in fields of grain. Every year in Wiltshire scores of geometric symbols, mandalas and beautiful patterns appear in the crop fields, particularly in the county of Wiltshire.

This magical landscape includes not only the majority of crop circles, but also some of England's most remarkable ancient sacred sites.

Although June, July and August is the height of the crop circle season we often see them as early as March as as late as September each year. Explore this amazing mystery for yourself. Our guides live in the heart of crop circle country (no coincidence) and have access to the information network that provides breaking news on the latest formations and so we set off in search of new crop circles within hours of them forming, when their energy is strongest.

Wiltshire Crop Circles


Mystical County, Magical Tours..............   Follow our Wilstshire news for Crop Circle updates

The Stonehenge Travel Company is based in the centre of Crop Circle Country, Salisbury. Our small team of British tour guides are located in Salisbury and around Stonehenge which means we can offer private guided trips and know where all the best circle formations are and how to get to them. If you are visiting the UK we always recommend an overnight stay in the Salisbury area.
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