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Magna Carta 800th anniversary: 1215 - 2015   VISIT SALISBURY 2015
Salisbury Cathedral is extremely proud to be home to the finest of the four surviving original 1215 Magna Carta. It plans to take a leading role in the 2015 celebrations marking the 800th anniversary of the historic and iconic document.    

Magna Carta has journeyed across borders, spanning the globe by virtue of its significance and legacy. It has overcome barriers of language and bridged the divisions of cultures and deologies. 800 years on, we invite you to make your own journey, tracing the many locations across England that tell the tales of this important period of medieval history.

Follow King John’s footsteps around the country. Explore the homes of Barons and Bishops. Stand on the spot of the significant showdown at Runnymede. See the original 1215 Magna Carta plus the many copies and iterations. Reflect at King John’s effigy in Worcester.

Whether you have a day, a long weekend or are planning a fortnight-long pilgrimage, discover the rich history across the land of Magna Carta, the guarantor of our freedoms and the legal basis for our centuries-old way of life.

Use this map as inspiration for your visits and see for more detailed information about the destinations on the trail.

Download a copy of the Magna Carta 800 trails leaflet

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Salisbury Cathedral


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Salisbury is a city for all seasons and for all people; a magnificent medieval city, with its chequer pattern streets overflowing with charm, and with history on every corner. The city’s historic core is the Cathedral and the Cathedral Close, an oasis of peace and tranquility and yet just minutes from the city’s streets.

Within the Close there are museums and grand buildings such as the National Trust’s Mompesson House. Outside you’ll find traditional English pubs, great shops, galleries, restaurants, cafes, beautiful parks and gardens and a superb range of attractions.





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Magna Carta, Salisbury Cathedral
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